The options open to graduates in Pharmacy include, opportunities in production and quality control areas, administration and management, marketing, research and development, medicinal detailing departments of Pharmaceutical Industries, hospitals and in teaching. They can also opt for higher education, few with entrepreneurial ability may start production or a repackaging unit or retail pharmacy, or bulk drug manufacturing, Ayurvedic and Herbal formulations manufacturing or commercial analytical laboratories.

Some of the opportunities are listed below:-

  • Manufacturing of :
    • Pharmaceutical Formulations.
    • Herbal Cosmetics.
    • Bulk Drugs.
  • Pharmacy Academics :
    • Teaching.
    • Research and Development.
  • FDA/Drug Control Department jobs as Drug Inspectors, Scientific officers etc.
  • Higher Education - M. S., Ph. D., and Post Doctoral studies.
  • Pharmacist job abroad.
  • Hospital and Clinical Pharmacist job.
  • Drug Testing Laboratory.
  • Medicinal Plant Cultivation.
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing :
    • Bulk Drug Distribution.
    • Wholesale and Retail Drug Stores.
    • Medical Representatives.
    • Repackaging.
  • Pharmaceutical Consultancy.
  • Pharma Entrepreneurship.