The astute planning and foresight of the College has resulted in the identification of a set of objectives :-

  1. On entry in to the Library Staff and Students should fill up the required information in the register..
  2. Readers shall observe strict silence and discipline in the library premises. Smoking, Cell Phone & other noisy instruments are strictly prohibited in the library.
  3. a) Only staff and students of our College are allowed to use the library.
    b) Outsiders should get Principal’s permission to use Library facilities.
  4. Students are required to produce Identity Card issued by the College, on demand.
  5. Readers are not allowed to bring personal books and other personal belongings like, bags, umbrellas etc., into the library. These materials are to be kept outside the library on their own responsibility.
  6. Loan facilities are available against the borrower’s card provided to them at the time of admission. Books are issued for a period of ONE WEEK. Certain categories of materials are not issued out side the library. These include the textbooks with less than two copies, rare books and reference books & periodicals.
  7. Borrower’s card is not transferable; students are responsible for the books issued against the lost borrowers card.
  8. Books kept by the readers beyond the specified duration, attract fine of Re.1 per book per day up to one week. After which a fine of Rs. 2=00 per book per day will be collected at the time of return.
  9. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical conditions of books before borrowing.
  10. Readers shall not write in or mark or otherwise disfigure / damage books; furniture etc., In case of such damage, three times cost of the article shall be paid by the users or the article shall be replaced by the user.