Career Guidance:


  • To help students to organize knowledge about themselves by identifying skills, interests and aptitudes
  • To provide information about further course prerequisites, financial aid, academic planning, entrance examinations etc.
  • To provide information about specific occupations, career planning, conducting a job search, etc.


  • The Career Guidance Cell has to evaluate periodically the career information needs and demands of the student community
  • It should provide career information search training program
  • Career information bulletin board service needs to be made available
  • Career awareness service has to be introduced and implemented effectively
  • Organize seminars on interview skills, personality development, communication skills, leadership skill, resume writing, cover letter writing etc.
  • Collaborate with other college career guidance cell and share information, sources and expertise

KLE University's College of pharmacy, Hubli KLE University's College of pharmacy, Hubli, Garden


    Dr.(Smt.) F S Dasankoppa
    Associate Professor and Co-ordinator
    Ph: 0836-2373174
    Mob.+91 9886678297